Friday, June 14, 2019

Surgery Dream

I am in the mountains, going to an elite surgery center.  I'm driving up the road to the clinic, and a bald eagle flies up along side my car.  I look over at him and we make eye contact, and he nods, then veers off.

The surgery center mingles the waiting area with the surgery area, so there are alternately people sitting and reading magazines, and others on tables being operated on.  I'm sitting in a beanbag chain watching an old style console television when my surgeon comes over to talk:

"We're going to make your teeth so much better" she says, and holds a hand mirror in front of my mouth to show me, then realizes that she's only showing me my regular teeth, so she grabs a small hammer and pliers and starts moving things around in there - then shows me my mouth and says "see, it's going to be SO much better".

I'm on the operating table, and they've cut my chest open:  Inside is all clockwork and gears, and where my heart should be, there's a small round "tooth factory" where a new set of teeth is being assembled.  It looks a little like an old birth control holder - concentric circles.

They're going to be doing more stuff in there, and are getting their instruments ready, when I smell onion rings.  I reach over and grab a hot crunchy onion ring and munch on it.  The surgeon assistant (who is a co-worker in real life, Ben) says "did you just eat an onion ring?"  I look guiltily over at the basket of rings, and the surgeon pulls down her mask (revealing herself to be another old co-worker, Cindy), and says "well now we need to delay the surgery for 3 hours to let that onion ring work its way through your system" (she's making air quotes when she says "your system").

Ben and Cindy both exclaim "Oh B-Reay!" and with a freeze frame, I wake up.