Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day!!!!

As I wrote, my hopes for father's day were a little sleep, some cuddles, and the crossword. As of 9:45 tonight, the first one was achieved, and the crossword is not far from done. But cuddles? The kids were just too hyper today to pull that off... well there were a few, I guess!

The house woke up at 7, and let me sleep til 8:30. Already things were getting crazy - Bella was VERY excited about the day and was literally running in circles over and over, jumping over Isaac, jumping on Mommy... she got so hot she stripped down to undies to keep running around. This much energy couldn't be contained, so I got showered and dressed and dragged her out of the house to see the Penguins Surfing movie, which was really a LOT of fun. (no violence other than a comic whack or two, no physical peril, no big villains, no crude jokes, just a good comedy about surfing penguins, and Zooey Deschanel was the voice of a googly eyed girl penguin... gotta love that).

Then it was straight over to Grandma and Grandpa's house - where they had put up an advanced slip and slide for Bella... and a tiny pool for Isaac. I was told to go put my feet up and chat with Dad, while Grandma wrangled the kids... which was heavenly. The puzzle got around half done, I had a great chat with dad, and I even caught a little nap in there. Bella and Isaac went through 3 outfits each, being drawn like moths to the flame of the water.... (malformed analogy: Acknowledged, but somehow relevant)

Carrie and Scott showed up and the party kept going - a crab and shrimp feast was concocted (along with salad and bread, natch) and finished with Key Lime Pie from Turtle Bread (a wonderfully tart pie, a Bella ate a full slice!) Got everyone home by 7:30, Isaac and Bella were zonked by 8, which was good because I needed to go get MaeMae and Jenny from the airport - they had been visiting Randy in DC.

So now I'm home, everyone's asleep (including Pamela, whose back finally conked out after ALL of that great activity this weekend) and I'm updating the world...

It was a busy day - busier than I had perhaps anticipated, but that's what being a dad of an 8month old hercules and a 4.5 year old busybody will do: It's just a busy life, and that's what I signed off for: I wouldn't want a father's day without doing any dad stuff!!! (I even changed the one poopy diaper of the day - hey... wait a minute... I got ripped off!!!)

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