Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sabado Gigante

Poor Isaac had a rough time settling last night - it seems he's going through more brainstorms and it's making him a tad cranky. He was up before 6 this morning, and Pamela was the on-duty who took him downstairs. I'm the on-duty tonight, so I figure tomorrow will be an early one for me.

It was a big day because Pamela is finally going without her finger splint for much of the day. Splint still goes on for labor and sleep, but for most of the day, the finger was out in the world. It looks to be recovering nicely - not drooping , but it doesn't have the same upward tilt as the other fingers, it's perhaps a little lazier. But considering the horror stories we'd heard from so many mallet finger injuries, she seems to be coming out OK. Add in that her back is practically back to "normal", and it's a good life we're living now.

We've figured out that Isaac simply will not abide being fed unless it's a bottle (which perversely he has NO interest in holding). So we're trying to be creative about self-feeding options. He likes cheerios, goldfish, bananas, mangoes, and bread-and-butter so far. Bread and butter was my idea today, and he absolutely loved it. Carrot cubes weren't such a hit. I think he's got a sweet tooth, this kid.

We did tons of yard work today, finally weeding most of our flower and hasta beds, which really sharpened everything up. Bella spent the entire day "in the neighborhood", bouncing between neighbor's houses, in and out of pools, games of "kissing tag" (which she announced "was fun, but got boring after a while") and general mischief. By 4, she, Jenny, and Madeline landed at our house.

Madeline is 7 or 8, and left us a darling handwritten "ad" for her "mother's helper" service. We couldn't say no, so twice now she's played with Isaac while we got stuff done around the house. And she gets a couple of dollars, which she parades proudly around with. So when they came to the house, we hired Madeline for an hour to keep an eye on Isaac while we finished our chores (including a mow). Then we got some Famous Dave's for a feast!

Pamela, Bella, and Isaac were all asleep by 8:30 I think... I puttered around, not doing anything work, language, or brainready related at all: I rented a movie "The Fountain" with Hugh Jackman.

Now, I'm a huge fan of the Clooney Solaris movie, and the reviews of the Fountain were of a similar tone, so I was expecting a mishmash of musings about love, death, and life. And I got it. But it wasn't all THAT great. It was very nonlinear, and about the quest to conquer death. I was distracted, however, in that a recurring image of this star he way flying to in the future track looked a lot like the cover to Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life". and then I think of "Sir Duke", and it sort of breaks the mood. You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not here. Anyway, it was pretty OK with some interesting bits, but as a whole, a bit of a mess. Oh well.

By the way, Bella is now forbidden from whining that "She's BOOORED" when we deny her a video. She's acting so old these days! Last night, as we were lying in bed, she was wearing her favorite flannel duck pajamas. Suddenly, she sat up and said "You have got to be kidding me... these pajamas are WAY hot. They're totally too thick. I need different pajamas". So we switched to the silky monkey pajamas... while she is remarking "What were we thinking? The silky monkeys are WAY better".

And so with the family a snooze, and me getting more tired, I think it's time to say goodbye to Saturday, and welcome Sunday to the fold.


maman said...

Finger thou art loosed. Oh, I am happy for the good news of Pamela's healing. She is young and the drooping should correct itself. It's really after 50 that one can't take anything for granted.
Isaac has similar habits as Carrie did at that age. She drove us all crazy with the bottle that she refused to drink, but demanded. Refusing to be fed, but eating carefully, choosing. Carrots, by the way, are very sweet compared to other veggies. Corn and peas sound like a good bet - and the fruits of the season are so glorious there's plenty to delight you all.
Cheerios have sustained generations - it is the universal food.
I was hoping for more from The Fountain. Told my storyteller friends that when the Queen of Spain is threatened by the Inquisition you have to take a big step back - and either surrender totally to fiction or turn off the dvd. I can see why Brad Pitt opted out. I did like the central image of the tree and liked the notion that space/time travel didn't need a missle like piercing mechanism- it could happen similar to what one sees in a petrie dish. But the movie was a mess.

Jimmy said...

Actually, a lot of the space special effects WERE microphotography of chemical reactions - they decided to keep the computer graphics to a minimum. Which was a cool concept!

I also liked the idea that we could zoom through space in a bubble... that we'd have NO idea of what technology is or can do that far out. It was very natural and very alien.