Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Isaac is truly feeling his two-ness, and his virgo-ness. The man has been giving orders non-stop for a few days. Hold this, I go first, no, no, no, THAT ONE, no I WILL DO IT. Any failure to obey will result in him immediately dropping to the ground screaming.

Pamela and I are dealing with it. Amazingly, so is Bella.

Bella woke up this AM and decided to make me some artwork: She drew me a frog, a snake, and a chameleon. The chameleon was a great drawing, with the spiral tail and long tongue - Bella really has a great eye for detail. That we almost missed the bus is entirely beside the point.

In fitness news, we're preparing for the launch of a new BodyPump release at our studio. The owner has had us working hard on this - we've had over 7 hours of group practice time... unpaid of course... and will have 4 more hours before our launch on Sunday. Now on one level, I acknowledge that to be in the exercise business for the money is a fools game - the only people making money are club owners. The trainers make $12-20 a class, but you can only teach 1-2 classes a day MAX, you need to cover your own training costs, you buy new music releases every quarter for $40 per program... Basically you are not making any money.

But you are feeling good about being in shape AND sharing the love of fitness with others.

The fact that we're working so hard on the releases led me to a strange event today: I was talking to a co-worker who started working out at a local community center. She started talking about the music being used in her "Pump and Lift" class... and I realized she's being taught BodyPump, but not in a licensed facility - the instructor is totally bootlegging our new release!!!

I don't know why this bugged me so much. I have a somewhat loose relationship with intellectual property in general (I borrow books and CDs, and have downloaded a show or two in the past)... but it seems that the fitness world is not exactly the huge money empire that would be completely unaffected by someone teaching bodypump without the license...

It just got me thinking, that's all.

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