Monday, November 03, 2008


So this weekend I did the two day training for Les Mills BodyAttack, and got my butt thoroughly kicked. I previously trained in BodyPump, which is a weights class: I was good and tired, but was able to reduce my weights as needed to survive. BodyAttack is a full running cardio class with tons of jumping. Having just come off of a big cold and a lot of travel, I don't think I was in the prime condition really succeed....

We ran through the full (55 min) class 3 times in two days, plus a few hours of technique work, plus two 45 minute "Fitness Challenges", which I'll spare you the details of... suffice it to say I did almost five hundred jumping plyoric lunges across the two days, plus a lot of running. By the end of Saturday, I had a mildly pulled hamstring, by midday Sunday, my calves were cramping, and by the end of the weekend, my calves were so tight I could barely walk the stairs.

BUT... I must say this is a really fun class and I can't wait to teach it. I'm working on the choreography, and may be able to start previewing it at the club next week... Despite the pain I was able to do all of the learnings, and led my class well too. I didn't get a full pass, because my legs were too tight for me to do the "proper" technique for the final evaluation, but I just need to retest with my club manager in a week, which won't be a problem.

Add to this, the class itself was very fun - 7 people from our club, and two "visitors" from Wisconsin who were a total blast to be with - we formed a pretty tight group by the end.

I'm off to Philly this afternoon and have dinner with one potential client, then a big presentation tomorrow.

In cute kid news:
Isaac grabbed a couple of Curious George books, pointed to George and declared "I like that guy!".

I'm very worried about what I'll do with myself on Wednesday: I've grown so dependent on the minutiae of every little poll hiccup, every twist and turn in the campaigns... and to have it done will just be wonderful.

Finally, there's a semantic blog checker that "reads" the blog and tries to tell if it was written by a guy or a gal at You'll be pleased to learn that I am, in fact, a woman.

More as I know it.... gotta get on that plane.

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Anonymous said...

10:18 pm and I am happy and know where you are you too are celebrating. Carrie and I were in the same line this morning. I have such hope - and so do many others. McCain is gracious in his good ceding remarks.

There is so much now for us all to repair. With much love and pride. Mama