Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot dog day

Today I taught Bodyattack at 6 then went into the office for a morning of catching up and making sure I get reimbursed for the crazy travel I've been doing.

A quick sidebar on BodyAttack: I love this program and it is very very tough. So far THREE of the SIX of us who have been trained have sustained injuries (low back, calves, planar facia) and have needed to drop their classes. I remain uninjured, but one of my class participants was wearing inadequate footwear for her workout level (she goes ALL OUT) and actually wound up with a foot cast. This is like the workout of doom, and we'll just have to see if it keeps going at our studio! I hope so... but even today on track 9 I wound up with a side cramp half way through and needed to drop to lowest impact. It's brutal, but I'm a monster, I guess.

Anyway, worked out, worked. Tried to break into a couple of new clients, tried to get a fence sitter to make a decision (without pushing him over the wrong side), and learned that the past week was very good for payments and my February check should resemble something close to what I was promised in the job a year ago... ;->

Left work early and headed over to Bella's school: They let parents visit the class to watch their kids learning, and even join them for lunch in the cafeteria. Bella was surprised and happy to see me, and I got to watch her working on paper crafts with her friend Emily. Then off to lunch, and I got the hot dog, apple, and grape juice, while Bella brown bagged it. Bella's friends at the table were all grilling me - one wanted to know "my real name", another wanted to know ALL about Isaac's adoption, and I got into some teasing "lunch trading" with some other kids (I'll give you this fork for that piece of salami. Come on. It's a good deal.) When I tried to get out of the tiny bench table, I fell back and walked back with my hands to get my legs out from under the table. This was maybe the funniest thing the whole table had seen. Ever.

So my dreams of being the funny dad that Bella will grow to dread are totally going to be realized. DESTINY!!!

This reminds me - on the way home from Seattle last week, a TSA guy was totally flummoxed by the fact my DL says "James" and my ticket said "Jim". "They're not the same name, sir". I explained that Jim is short for James - it's very common. The guy had to ask a few co-workers if this was true.

And none of the people involved here were recent immigrants, this was just plain confusion. To his credit, after the survey, the guy slapped his forehead and said "he completely spaced that". Keeping us safe. Yep!

Back to Bella - she's been doing a lot of paper art: She has been making "laptops", folding paper, drawing screens and keyboards, and even logos on the back of the lid. Today at class, she made a duck head out of construction paper, and it's maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen: Picture attached.

Pamela bought a couple of whole chickens, roasted them up, took the meat off and made some broth yesterday. Then we made chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight - and it was fantastic. Isaac had a bowl too, and proudly brought spoon after spoon up to his lips, only to have the liquid go right down his front before he could taste it. It was just increasingly comical. He also has a bit of a cold, so between the dribbles and the sniffles, he was a wet mess.

He's going through some big brain development right now and has a VERY hard time going down for bed. Lots of singing, and role playing with his dolls. He's pretending to be animals a lot (he loves being a frog, a dinosaur, and a shark) and his language keeps expanding. There's a lot going on in that fuzzy head of his, and it's amazing to watch.

Well, off to bed again, but I wanted to share these things today.

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Ann said...

So very happy you take the time to write and to show us these amazing photos! Thank you!