Saturday, February 21, 2009

A date with Isaac

Longtime readers know that one of my rituals with Bella has been to have a one-on-one evening with her, getting dinner and then some sort of shopping (Guitar Center has been a favorite). Well, Bella's off at the Water Park, and Pamela was deep into her basement cleaning (we're now at the point of dusting off and evaluating detritus from our youths - diaries, keep. 5th grade health homework, no.)

So Isaac and I had a date tonight. He was well rested from a big nap, and we started with burritos at Chipotle. Like his sister, he loves the veggie burrito bowl. He's a bean fanatic. Afterward, we got hot chocolate at Caribou, and then off to Edinborough Park - an indoor playground.

We started in the gym with Isaac chasing basketballs around, and moved to the climbing structure. He was initially pretty scared of the big towers, so we played in the baby area for a while. That built up his confidence, and by the end, we were zooming down slides 50 feet in the air. He did NOT want to go, but by the time he was in the car, he had his didda and was getting very mellow.

It was a fun date, and i'm struck by how big of a boy he's becoming. We had pretty linear conversations, he's using a fork well, and we played well together. I look forward to getting to know this guy on more Dates. And I need to make time for more Bella dates too!

So he's asleep, and our original plan was to watch a movie, but Pamela's having such a good time looking at her documents (high school 'zines!) that we decided to keep it a mellow evening and I'm up here, about to enjoy the trashy goodness of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" - episode 2.

Quick Fitness update: Surprise surprise, my tape for Attack had a problem with it, so I need to schedule a re-taping. Seriously, my phone mojo is leaking over to recorded images? Today I subbed for an instructor whose injury from BodyAttack really aren't healing, so I'm happy to help out. Then I stayed for BodyFlow (known outside the US as BodyBalance), which is Tai Chi, Yoga, and visualization exercises. I loved it, but man was it HARD!!! I actually cramped up a muscle holding a position. I think it would behoove me to keep working on those skills...

Time to kick back!

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