Friday, May 15, 2009

Latest Updates

Such a busy week - ups and downs for sure! Here's what we're tracking in Jimmy Central:

1) The trial was very tough on us this week: Pamela went most days, as did I, but I took off early to pick up Isaac, so Pamela wins the attendance award, except for Wednesday when a migraine flattened her for the entire day. The details are depressing and I alternate between feeling angry and sad at all parties... every moment is a reminder to treat our lives with care. There are a lot of broken people out there.

I'm not going to post any details - it'll all come out in the end. We ARE very frustrated with the press, however: They really think it's important to keep blaming the victim and question WHY Mark was in the neighborhood in the first place. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Even if it was for an unsavory reason, it doesn't mitigate or justify murder. So let it GO. At least one colleague has terminated his Star Trib subscription in protest.

2) In GOOD news, I now have solid confirmation on my next gig - I'll be headed east to do good work for a Pediatric Cardiology group, flexing my geek AND my management muscles. The guys I'll be working for/with are great and I can't wait to get started.

I'll begin right after the 4th of July holiday, so I'm actually taking a few weeks off, which has been handy while covering this Trial this week, but will also be needed as the kids finish school (Isaac was done this week, Bella in 2-3 more weeks) and I can engage in all sorts of summer fun with them. Of course, my name is in the hat for some short term work too, so I may be posting about heading to New Jersey for a quick gig, but in the meantime, we're planning on WEEKS of me hanging around.

3) After trying for 5 months, we're finally killing my 6am BodyAttack class. I never got more than 5-6 people to attend, and the break-even point is 8. There were many weeks where I was teaching to 2 or 3 people. I'm not sure why we never got the numbers up: People who did show, tended to come again so it's probably NOT me. probably.

I'm still planning to get up early and head to the studio to DO Bodyattack twice a week so that I stay in shape... (why? sprung wooden floor and high ceilings at the studio let me really run and jump instead of duck and crouch as I do in our basement....) At least until July when I will need to move to an entirely new routine...

4) There's a new burger place in town called Five Guys - it's a chain from DC, and it's incredible... I took Isaac there earlier this week and we split an order of fries, and each had a burger. Isaac has toyed with the concept of hamburgers in the past, but never really committed. FiveGuys has turned him into a convert, and he EATS the burger. I'm so proud. We went again today. Ooooof.

5) Yesterday, Bella said "Dad, I made you a card in class today". She handed me a folded piece of paper with a big red heart on the front. She's been writing us nice love notes, so I expected the same. I opened the card, and inside was a drawing of a tarantula and the word "BOO" written about 50 times. It was the best prank yet, and I was paralyzed with laughter. Bella was pretty proud of "getting me".

Earlier that day, I met her for lunch in her cafeteria, and was proud to be the "silly dad" who insisted on having a phone conversation with a banana. The entire table of kindergartners were rolling in the aisles. The best part was when I pulled out my phone and tried to eat it. That sent them to sheer bliss.

I have been rehearsing for "silly dad" for many years, and resolve to enjoy these moments BEFORE I am an abject embarrassment to my children... which will be quite soon I'm sure.

6) One more Bella thing: The other morning she leaped out of bed and ran downstairs, insisting she had something she NEEDED to draw. Minutes later, she had sketched a duck by a pond... but instead of the standard duck-in-profile, she was working on perspective, with the duck at a 3/4 turn, and the head facing the viewer. I didn't quite work (it looked like an italian wine sac with a clown face), but I was amazed that she had a vision of how the duck would look in that position and wanted to try to draw it. She really is very creative.

7) Wow. Seven things? Number seven is simply this: STAR TREK IS AMAZING. I've seen it twice, and it's like going to church. I haven't been this completely satisfied by a movie since The Matrix (which I saw 5 times in the theater). SEE THE MOVIE. You don't need to be a Trekker to enjoy it. The Onion had it right.

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