Saturday, May 02, 2009

Quick Update

Today was a swimming day with Isaac, and he's really becoming part fish - he loves to dunk his head under water and keep it there for a count of 5. After swimming, he insisted that we stop at a playground to look for "Some kids, some BIG kids" to play with. We parked and he marched to the playground exclaiming "Playground, HERE I COME!" Alas, there were no kids there, but there was a group of middle-tweeners playing softball across the park, so he ran off that direction shouting "KIDS!!! KIDS!!!!"

That guy just loves people.

In the meantime, we're working on big sister management strategies: The more Isaac does cute stuff, we get the uncomfortable "bella echoes the behavior" for attention. We're finding we need to give her big girl jobs - a LOT of them - to keep her busy and getting positive attention. Now if only she had something to take care of... a pet... hmm... Watch this space.

Work: Well, since the last update and now, I had a plan that was supported by my managers, but it got shot down by HR... but then they came up with a different plan which appears to be acceptable to HR. I'm going to digress here - I simply don't like HR departments in general: My main interactions with them have been them not hiring people I wanted them to hire, not firing people I wanted them to fire, and hiring and firing people I didn't want them to hire or fire. Oh, and periodically making my benefits slightly worse. They truly are well represented by the Catbert character in Dilbert - a more malevolent department does not exist in any organization.

If you are a member of the HR world (or as my employer puts it: "Human Capital"), feel free to defend yourself in the comments. And on a personal level, I have known many NICE HR people. But as a collective group - the worst bureaucratic nightmare organization possible.

Anyway, digression over. The SF gig may not happen - one of the people who interviewed me decided that in the process of telling me about it, it sounded so cool he decided HE wants to take the job. Plus, in a miscommunication of legenday proportions, it was the wrong San: Diego, not Francisco. That is very different. So that one's on the lower tier of possibility. But something new in Seattle popped up... lots of plates spinning and the vortex of potential is swirling.

Now it's time to get caught up on Dollhouse!!!

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