Saturday, May 02, 2009


1) No sooner do I post my "poor communication skills" diatribe, but then Fringe went and did me proud: Scientist who knows a lot says "I'll tell you what I know, but first you must help me do X"... nobody's sure if we can trust him, he's trickling out little bits, and then things turn and the scientist dies before he can tell what he knows.

Classic poor communication setup, right? WRONG - he left behind a videotape where he says "I promised to tell, and if you're seeing this I must be dead, but a deal is a deal". It was great.

2) I've been watching Tropic Thunder again: This time with the actor's commentary track turned on: Yes, Robert Downey Jr does the entire commentary track as Kirk Lazarus in character, with that deep 70's blacksploitation rumble. And poor Ben Stiller and Jack Black just can barely keep up. A highlight is Jack Black getting an In-n-Out 4X4 to the recording studio.

3) Ooooooh Dollhouse, you are living up to your potential. This was a good show this week. DARK.

4) Heroes knocked it outta the park with a great finale this week too.

And that's the media update.

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