Monday, May 05, 2008

Dream Mixing Bowl

Things you need to know to understand this dream:
1) I like the new Madonna/Justin Timberlake Single "4 Minutes"
2) The song is built around a big super-fake sounding brass sound
3) It was produced by Timbaland
4) Timbaland also produced the last Duran Duran album
5) Caesar just saw Duran Duran and said that Roger Taylor's playing made the songs sound WAY better than the Timbaland versions with his hiphop drum loops all over the place.

The post is called Mixing Bowl because this dream I had last night was so clearly directly influenced by the above data, but it was combined in a very fun and ridiculous way.

I am in a beautiful recording studio visiting a friend, and I spy the master tape for "4 Minutes" loaded on one of the decks. I hit play and throw the volume to maximum on the board, and the engineer walks in rolling his eyes.

Before he hits stop, I tell him: Whoah - those drums are different! "Yes, it's Roger Taylor from Duran Duran". He begins to move some faders around, and say "Check this out... This song was actually written by Duran Duran for THEIR album, but they didn't use it, and Timbaland gave it to Madonna".

With a move of his hands, he has removed Madonna's voice, and now it's Simon Lebon... with rich 4 part harmony? "Oh yes, Duran Duran actually write all of their songs in barbershop quartet style, so they usually track it with just voice, and then we redub in all the other instruments, and back off their harmonies for the final mix".

Another change of the mixing board, and the cheesey horns are replaced with a lush orchestral arrangement: "If you can believe it, that's the London Philharmonic - we had them lay down a full take for this" By the time the final chorus hits, a swell of a boy's choir can be heard as well.

I only wish I could have recorded the Duran Duran full orchestral with Roger Taylor drums and 4 part harmonies (with a touch of boy's choir) version from my dream. It really was pretty splendid.

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