Monday, July 21, 2008


Pamela and Bella had gone shopping for back to school clothes, and Bella was holding to her "not fancy" rule, and also picking out clothes based entirely on softness: lots of leggings going on. As she appraised her stack of soft clothes, she proudly told Pamela

"Mom, I'm going to be the comfiest kid in the entire school".

The girl has her priorities right.

I've somehow fallen into a groove at work: Our primary work is in placing consultants who have a specific skillset for implementing Epic healthcare software, and it's been our bread and butter for over 3 years. But before that, we were more general purpose, doing more of whatever is needed. Well, we're starting to get a lot more calls for "different" work - someone needs a centralized database that consolidates the info in 4 systems... or someone needs a new custom tool for reviewing rejected data for patterns...

All of these requests are falling into my lap, and I get to flex my brain and come up with proposed solutions, budgets, and staffing models. In the past week, I've done more Visio work (a business graphics program that's good for process flow and system design) than the previous 6 months, and have had a heck of a lot of fun... The only problem staffing these things - how many bright geeks can I recruit to my cause?

Pamela has been a complete maniac in our gardens: she tore out huge swaths of garden and has reclaimed it for lawn use - these large weedbeds just weren't PRACTICAL. So we have yards and yards of white grow netting across the back of our house. The victory garden is also doing very well: The tomatoes are budding like mad and it's going to be a wild crop. Peppers are growing, the herbs are delicious... it is a good place we've created back there. Now if we could just get the Mosquitoes to move away.


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