Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mister Animal

Sometime in the past two weeks a switch turned on in mister Isaac's brain and he is a boy who throws things and hits with regularity (whereas it was sporadic before). We've all had books, food, balls, utensils, and shoes flung at us, with varying degrees of accuracy, and no amount of "NO" seems to dissuade him. It's a challenge for sure.... because he's still so sweet (with that impish grin), but his new tendencies have made household peace a distant memory as Bella shrieks as the aggrieved party. Ah good times.

But at the same time, he's deigning to join us for more eating of real food (he shares his sister's love for Chipotle), he's sleeping through the night more regularly, and his vocabulary continues to grow at an impressive rate. In picture books, he can identify the Zebras, Elephants, Birds, Hippos, Giraffes, Goats, Sheep, Cows.... even if he can't say their names very well yet. So there's good with the bad.

Friday Night was Summer Living - we went off to the Edina Pool as soon as I got home for work, met Isaac's friend Wyatt and his parents Nikki and Ryan, and splashed around in the pool for a few hours until the sun started to set. The pool has some fun older kid stuff too, which Ryan and I had to partake in - especially the zip-line: Holding onto a handle and zipping down a wire, you hit the end and are catapulted upwards and then crash into the water. We did it a few times... and Pamela said we looked completely mental. Mission accomplished.

Saturday Night was another Avengers Night, where we tried my special Ardbeg Import - the Corryvreckan limited edition. It was flat out mind blowing, and this is after a lineup with TWO 1967 Strathislas (one Sherry, one Grenache Casked) and the end of the venerable 25 year old Highland Park. It was a late night (Spiderman 3 is a long movie - but a much better one on the second viewing, I must confess), and there were a few cask strength drams on offer (100 proof rather than 84 proof as usual), so the morning came cruelly early to me, and I regretted asking for the sleep in Sat Am, when I could have been the one to sleep in today.... instead I'm operating on 5 hours sleep what with mister Isaac the early bird.

Should be a light week: I had two trips planned, but canned one due to a local conflict. At the end of the week, I am excited to visit my Alma Mater (Macalester) with Ty and Bailey who are considering its hallowed halls. Then it's off to Madison for a long weekend for the big Family Reunion at the lake, with the added fun of the Police concert!

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