Saturday, October 04, 2008

All about Bella

After a long stretch of Isaac Posts, I'm pleased to offer a set of stories about the amazing Bella.

Bella had made it very very clear that she wanted a Razor Scooter, and BAD. So for her birthday, we got her one, and decided to let her open it early, for more fun on the weekend. She was zooming through the house on that thing all evening. We had Paul and Melissa (the lovely couple whose wedding I officiated) come by for wine and a chat, and they got the full Bella show. Isaac decided he liked Paul pretty well too, and was climbing all over him.

Ant and Chicken soon came and added to the gang (an Avengers evening was planned, with the viewing of Iron Man on the ticket), and we all mingled for an hour. As I put Isaac to bed, Bella got more and more excited about showing off her scooter: She created a "speed circuit" from the living room to the dining room, around the table, and back. She had us all shouting the count for her (between 8-10 was the usual), and would pick a language for us to count in - Between Paul, Ant, Chicken, and I, we were able to cover quite a few of them. By 9, the newlyweds were home, Pamela was putting Bella to sleep, and the Avengers were in the basement enjoying some absurdly delicious drams, including a very rare Glenmorangie 25, a Port Ellen 24, and a bewildering Highland Park 12 Sherry Cask. And of course Iron Man was insanely good.

This morning instead of going to swimming, Bella insisted that we participate in the TC Marathon Family Mile run: We road rallied out to the State Capitol with some neighbors, and had a wonderful morning in the crisp fall sunlight. As to the RUN - it was more of a 1/8 mile run, and a 7/8 mile stroll, but Bella was very excited to be doing it. She got a shirt, a number, and a medal at the end, which she proudly wore all day.

We got lunch at Cosetta - delicious Mostaccoli and Pizza: Bella worked up quite the appetite and devoured a half order of the mos, and a full slice of pizza. We actually got there at 10 minutes to 11, and opened the place up: By the time we left, the line was snaking out the door as usual: So we really played that one right.

Big Girl: She woke up today with a LOOSE TOOTH. Bottom middle, back and forth. She spent all day wiggling it, but around 8pm suddenly was filled with worry about the tooth, which she had decided was "her favorite tooth":
- Will the new tooth that comes in be just as nice looking?
- What if she loses or swallows it - how will the tooth fairy know?
- How can she possibly brush her teeth with that loose tooth?
- She can only eat SOFT FOOD now... until all her teeth are big.

I have done my best to assure her that tooth fairies are very clever and are quite willing to offer up rewards based on lost teeth, regardless of whether the tooth is in hand or not. And also that food WILL need to get eaten, and teeth WILL need to be brushed.

Sunday looks like a quiet day... so we'll just see how THAT pans out... ;->

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