Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm in the Rose City of Portland OR today... and the city has screeched to a complete halt in the past few days: They got an inch of snow earlier in the week, and most employers told people to STAY HOME for GOD'S SAKE!!! Cars have chains on their tires. People are very concerned about the weather later today.... in which TWO INCHES of snow are expected.

As a midwesterner, I have to simply giggle madly at this. I met my team out for dinner last night and we were swapping "can you believe this" stories: My team is from Duluth, Madison, Denver, Lancaster PA, and Tampa. Well, the lady from Tampa was a bit spooked by the weather, but no-one else.

The dinner was at Papa Haydn, and it was delicious: Lots of organic and local-sourced ingredients, very hearty entrees, and most importantly, the most extensive dessert list I've ever seen. Two full pages of desserts, and two full pages of after-dinner drinks (which I did not partake in - even though I can drive with a little snow on the road, I wanted to be fully sharp since it seems everyone ELSE on the road was going to be freaking out). For dessert, I had a huge yet delicious panna cotta.

I was talking to my client up in Tacoma this AM (by phone, the 120 miles from Portland is a bit much for a quick discussion) and she's from California... and we were both laughing about the cautious temperment of drivers up here. Every time I drive around here (Portland OR Seattle), the prevailing traffic pattern is 2 mph below the posted limit. Lots of 53mph going on. So I just take a deep breath and downshift mentally. At least Oregon Public Radio is half decent: Seattle's Public Radio stations are just unlistenable.

Well, off to home this afternoon to conclude my last business trip of the year. I'm Platinum on NWA, Gold on Marriott and Hertz, and have grown addicted to the upgrade culture... ;->


Anonymous said...

Solstice Greets. The NW weather made the national news last night and it must be hard to fathom, you being a sea level kind of guy. But the layout of Seattle has some sharp turns and rises that make any ice treacherous. And this storm has had its incidents. We see it here too, with the folks tearing down the freeways and side streets and ending up in ditches. That, too, was on the news last night. Today is a still, peaceful pause.

Jimmy said...

Allright - Fair enough - you west coasters DID get some serious snow this week. But as on Monday-Tuesday, it was more, well, funny. ;->