Monday, December 22, 2008

Very Quick

Escaped Minneapolis this morning - it was 9 below. Piled the family onto a flight to Sacramento - Isaac's first flight ever, and he was barely containable throughout, leading to stress and worry... but he charmed his way through.

Landed, enjoyed an In-n-Out burger (Bella ate fries dipped into chocolate shake) and drove to Chico. It's in the upper 40s here, which is brisk but comparatively heavenly.

In Chico, cavorted with Sherry and family - Bella seems to have a bit of a crush on the young (11 year old) Henry. Isaac is having trouble with the names - calling Henry "James", and James (13) "Tyler". James introduced me to buttered popcorn drizzled with Cholula habanero sauce. Delicious.

Had dinner at "El Patio" (which is I believe Spanish for "The Patio") - a dive in Harrison City which was flat out delicious and will be visited again this trip. Isaac ate an entire bowl of Pico de Gallo (with chips, and the just picking up the bowl and drinking the juice), handfuls of pinto beans, and SOME taco. Bella impressed by downing three cups of veggie soup, one taco (with shredded beef, not ground!), a few bites of my Chili Verde pork, and almost all of my flan. The kids had some WACKY appetites!

Now off to bed for more adventures in the AM. The update is short, but I wanted it out there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jimmy, have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

another anonymous - so you have had enough of the weather in MN, have you? You are so smart! I am happy just knowing you are else where. CA seems to agree with your young 'uns - always a sign things are going well when the eating is robust.. Look forward to another update or two. Hope to hear more. Have a wonderful time!