Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where were we?

Oh yes, we were in Chicago, on our way up to a water park in Wisconsin. Well, nothing too much to report on the park: It was adequate but not stunning - the pool was a touch too cold for extended swimming (Isaac was shivering), the hot tubs were a bit too small (especially since the main pool was a bit chilly, the hot tubs were THE place to be). There was a pair of waterslides - one tube, one body. The tube slide was (T/L)ame but the bodyslide was hellfire fast and fully dark. The only issue was that after 10 times through, my back grew to know every last seam in the tube, which grew to feel like I was being run through a mandoline. Add to this a potential mild case of food poisoning from the restaurant and I think we'll pass on this particular site in the future (though I am not against all waterparks - they can be quite fun).

For the drive home, we took turns with the Marshmallow (with screaming tired kids) and the Jag (with blissful peace).

We are now in recovery mode with the kids getting them back into their routines. They're just getting back from their frazzled overtired state and are starting to act a bit normal.

With Marshmallow in the driveway and leases up on both the Mini and the Jag in the next few months, a decision needed to be made. And I made it. The Jag is MINE again. MINE. And the Mini, though I love it, is going back to the dealership. My butt has decided it likes the comfort, and as I've written before, I actually get VERY good mileage on the Jag, and it's BETTER on road trips than the Mini mileage-wise. So I went to the dealership and sealed the deal today.

I have a first floor full of nattering ladies tonight - Pamela is hosting a Silpada party: This is a jewelry party where the product is actually REALLY nice, and quite affordable. I put the kids down after having a basement pizza party (Isaac downed two large slices of pepperoni pizza, Bella did three). Isaac fell asleep immediately to the cacophony, but Bella took a bit longer.

My scotch recommending superpowers have been called on twice in the past 4 days: Once for a coworker (her dad - went for the Lagavulin 1991 Distillers), and once for my Best Man (Erik - went for the Balvenie Doublewood). I celebrated with a taste of my Glendronach 33 - so rich and smooth.

Had a horrible bit of the day today: At my fitness club, an instructor was let go for directly disobeying club rules - and it was in a class I attended. So I was asked to be a witness in his challenge to the Unemployment ruling. I felt sort of like a rat because I did like the guy, but then he started saying things that were actual lies and exaggerations (not against me, but about the situation), and my sympathy evaporated. The judge ruled with an iron fist, so nobody got to editorialize or accuse, which was a godsend... but it was still an uncomfortable situation. The lesson here for any employer: If you have a strange pain in the ass employee, DOCUMENT THE HELL out of everything. Because crazy people are crazy.

I'm off to LA Wed Eve through Fri Eve: I'm taking over that territory, and there are a few active clients so I get to meet some people, shake some hands, have some drinks. It should be a good time... but I don't think I'll make it to the Dresden to see Marty and Elayne this time. I know, how 1990 of me to care about the Dresden. Carrie actually introduced me to the phenomenon long before Swingers came out, so I feel like I'm a "real guy". If you don't know what I'm talking about: http://www.martyandelayne.com

Ok - sounds like things are winding down a little so I may need to go start cleaning up (yes, I'm a helpful husband).

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