Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Out in the world...

I'm back home again, and got to have a date with Bella. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, where she wolfed down a full slice of plain cheesecake and a handful of fries (this AFTER she had a burrito for dinner!) I had half of one of their absurdly large burgers. We got a booth and sat on the same side of the table and cuddled a lot. I think she was maybe a little happy to have me home.

And I'm glad to be safe and sound: Last night on the way from Tacoma to Kirkland, I was stuck in traffic due to an accident on the road ahead. On the way home from Kirkland to Tacoma, another accident. On the way from Tacoma to SeaTac this AM, another accident. On the way home from the airport tonight, 4 separate accidents - 1 left lane on 494, 1 right lane on 494, and two going the other direction on 100 (one of which happened just before I passed - an SUV rollover across multiple lanes of traffic). Plus a sign indicated that the crosstown was fully closed due to a crash on the eastbound lane.

You bet I was driving pretty defensively. Fortunately no incidents with Bella in the car... but I'll take the hint from the world and keep my head screwed on while driving.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Glad to have you safe and sound and the slippery world out there is one scary place these days. I've wondered off and on if those thing-ys hanging from rearview mirrors actually serve to focus attention. Same for the dashboard saints 'n redeemers. Whatever it takes - focus helps you do no harm and hopefully others are doing the same.