Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Fog of Life

Ok, since Wednesday, Pamela's been flat on her back, it's that bad. She was able to make it to the Chiropractor Friday, padded around a little Saturday, and was actually up and around more than she was in bed today (though it wiped her out). The hard thing for me has been that with her back kaput, I'm the Isaac handler. And he's going through something strange right now - waking up every 2-3 hours throughout the night and being very hard to settle. So I've been operating on 3-4 hours of sleep total per night since her back went out the first time over a week ago.

I'm ashamed to admit that it's wearing on me. I got downright rude this morning, and had to make up for it by making breakfast and being extra nice... I can't imagine not being able to move - I have deep sympathy. I'd just like to imagine sleeping more, and my nerves are getting a bit ragged. I'm glad she's on the uptick, at least!

Today was a very nice day: Bella was with Grandma and Grandpa on an overnight last night and stayed with them into the afternoon, so it was just us three in the house. Pamela had an errand to run, so I drove the three of us to it, then I needed to wait on that side of town for an hour. So Isaac and I took a long walk around a lake which was very nice.

The family came over late afternoon for grilling and laughs - and Pamela was able to make it downstairs and participate - albeit in a slightly drug-induced timedelay manner. It meant a lot that she was there! Dad had steaks, and I actually grilled them to order: Dad's Rare was rare, Scott's Medium Rare really was, and mine was really medium! Remarkable what a decent grill can do for your cooking.

You may know that Isaac has been a true puzzle with the eating - he's 8 months old, and none of us can get a spoon of food into him. But he'll eat crackers or fruit in cheesecloth: If he can't do it himself, he wants none of it... but will settle for bottles. Well tonight we got the cheesecloth out and tried a new thing: Mangos. And hoo baby does Isaac like the mango. He ate to big slices, and got a faraway look in his eye, a deep contentment as he gnawed on the yellow flesh. So we're buying stock in Mangos inc and have a hold on Hooray for Mangoes!

Everyone's asleep now but me... and I'm not far behind. I just wanted to give a quick update!

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maman said...

Grandma Ginny checked in yesterday and you can add her to the list of those wishing Pamela well. Back problems are just awful. So - here's to a better day!
She said she had a marvelous time telling everyone about Bella's bike and how she only likes to go uphill. This weekend is Mary Lou Nevins' 90th birthday party and Mary will take G&G down to the Springs. Kat has invited them to stay over. Not sure if they will. Off to MOA and my free "Keynote" lessons! Happy Day! Star Wars - the Legacy Revealed on History Channel tonight.