Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo

It turns out the Cinco de Mayo is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico... more of a marketing opportunity in the US really. That said, it's a good thing to pay attention to other cultures, so if we have a day when we "think" about Mexico, even if that day is less important to the actual Mexicans, I say it's a good thing.

I had my Spanish dinner tonight, and it went very well. I felt pretty comfortable and nobody could quite believe that I'd only picked up Spanish in the last year. So, a success. I am glad I had prepared so well... and I'm ready to spend time with my "other languages" again. I also had my first taste of Mezcal, which was very delicious.

Bella loves loves loves her playset. She brings all sorts of things up to the crow's nest and hangs out. She also likes to invite Pamela or me up there, and she plays pirate captain. She was a bit out of sorts today, and needed a lot of parent time, so we spent a lot of time up in that crow's nest.

She's got some new mannerisms: She seems to be channeling a 1950's diner waitress. She'll walk up, prop her arm up on whatever you're sitting on, cock her head a little, and say something like "so, if you're thirsty, I could get you a cup of water you know." or "If you're done reading that paper, I could use some help upstairs". She'll raise her eyebrows, and the delivery is very matter-of-fact, sort almost world-weary at times. It's not something she does all the time, but when she does, it's so cute I just want to scream.

Isaac's in a slightly difficult place: He's so mobile with the fast crawling, and pulling up on everything... but he's still refusing to eat solid foods for the most part - he just clamps that jaw shut and stares you down. And if you persist, he starts with the waterworks. But he also has some new cute moves - he'll actively cuddle now, and his flirty moves are to die for.

Last night we were at a playspace in a mall, and Isaac was making time with ALL the ladies. Bella, on the other hand, found a slightly challenging thing to do (jumping from one structure to another, pulling up and vaulting over it), and did it around 40 times in a row to refine her technique. In previous visits, I had seen her standing and watching other kids doing this move, but she had never attempted it. Last night, she not only attempted it, but she OWNED it.

I get the feeling that that's how it's going to be with her: She wants to see it, think about it, and then do it perfectly (even if this process takes weeks). A couple of weeks back i took her to a dance class, and she WOULD NOT DANCE: She stood there watching everything and everybody, immobile but totally attentive. But now a couple of weeks later, I have seen her doing a couple of the moves from that class when I'm playing music.

On the other hand, I can easily see Isaac seeing, trying, failing, trying, failing, trying, succeeding. It's not that he's without caution, but he seems to be a bit more straightforward. Maybe it's just the "boy" thing?

Final note for the evening: My current client did let all of the employees know that I'd be phasing out in 2 months... and the note itself was one of the nicest I've ever seen. AND I have been inundated with emails and visits from people who are sad to see me moving on. I get the feeling that if I wanted to return, there wouldn't be a problem AT ALL. That's a nice feeling, to know there are options and good will.

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maman said...

You know you could well be describing your sister and yourself with the dynamics Bella and Isaac are showing you. Channeling that "male" energy is always going to be a challenge. Boys are so sweet, and they really are the planet's "new" thing. So they need a lot of guidance. Glad you're there for that little dynamo.