Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Very very quick update

Pamela is on the move again: Her range of motion improves daily - she was able to drive herself to the chiro yesterday! Her pain is lessening, and we can see recovery in the future! She even picked up Isaac last night... it's the putting him DOWN that's stressful on the back.

Isaac is cooperating by sleeping pretty well the past two nights - which makes daddy much happier too.

Today's a big day at the new client: A big kickoff meeting with doctors and the vendor... Should be fun! Better get going!

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maman said...

Wonderful news! Have been waiting to hear it - and expecting it. Pam might want to put Iso down by holding him on her lap, sitting down herself and then putting him next to her. Of course that doesn't work if she's putting him back into high chairs or swings or cribs or play pens....Still, I know it will work out.

Best of luck with the new client too!