Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Outer Space

Bella's best friend Jenny's grandma finally passed away this weekend. It had been a loooong haul, this woman spent five weeks bouncing between units, having surgeries, being on and off of machines, before spending 5 days in palliative care. She had amazing tenacity. I kept suggesting they bring her a pen and paper, because she's obviously waiting around to finish the great American Novel before she goes.

But go she went, and it was a peaceful passing. The wake was this evening, and it was actually quite nice.

The upshot is that Bella and Jenny have been talking about (and talked TO about) death and dying a fair amount in the past few weeks. And they're processing this information.

The other day, Bella asked Grampette "where is Heaven?". Grampette decided to keep it somewhat literal, so she said "way up in the sky". Bella replied "So, it's in outer space, then?" I can only imagine Bella has an idea of heaven as a space station of some sort. In that, she is indeed her father's daughter.

And that's the update for the evening.... zzzzzz......

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