Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Building Permit

Today was the day that the climbing structure arrived. It's big, it's beautiful, and it's actually relatively size-appropriate for the yard. Bella was in a blissful state of happiness that was hard to describe - just a perma-smile as she climbed up and down, and had a snack up in the crow's nest... Isaac seemed to like his special swing.

We made a decision not to invite anyone over, to let Bella know that this is HERS. The playdates can start up tomorrow.

The day was just gorgeous for the install - mid 70's, not too hot, without a cloud in the sky. I had come home to oversee the install over lunch. Alas, I needed to get back to work JUST as the guy arrived...

I got home in time to grill up some chicken for dinner, while Pamela made some very nice green beans with lime and cilantro. Dinner was served on the deck, then I had to flee to go work out: On Wednesdays I like to do a double - BodyPump AND BodyJam.

I got there just as the warmups were starting (2 min late), and Jeannie the owner did me the "favor" of setting up my bench for me: RIGHT IN FRONT and CENTER. A good number of people probably couldn't see the instructor what with me looming up there. But it was a good workout. The bodyjam dance set was also a blast, and I find myself NOT terribly exhausted after 2 hours of working out.

I'm excited to have another meeting with the new client tomorrow: This time I meet more of the business owners and start leading meetings.

And that's about what I know right now... not TOO clever tonight.

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