Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Notes on a Wednesday AM

Some true random notes for the morning:
1) Driving along yesterday, I saw two identical semis driving next to eachother, but one was being towed by one of those GIANT tow trucks. And instantly in my mind I thought "Awww, they're friends, one is sick and has to go to the hospital, and the other is keeping him company". It seemed very sweet at the time.

2) I went to a SMALL work party last night, which was very nice. 6 people sitting around a table chatting for 2 hours... But the best part for me was at the end, a half hour of shooting hoops in the driveway - he had basketballs for everyone, so balls were flying left and right. It felt sort of surreal...

3) We were watching a video and one of those "plasma balls" came on: those things from the Sharper Image back in the 80's - a glass sphere with an electrode in the middle and it has glowing tendrils of plasma... Bella wanted to know how it worked, and I told her it was filled with a special gas that glowed when you put electricity on it.

She said:
I wish I had one of those for a nightlight in my room. It would look so cool. And when people asked me "how do you turn that thing OFF", I'd say "you just take the electricity away"

That's my girl, always thinking.

And that's my mini update.

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