Thursday, May 10, 2007

Signs and Portents

Well, just one but it was cool. As I walking up the walk to the house late last night, having picked up Bam from the airport, I felt something SMACK into my abdomen... I thought that's one huge junebug... looked down and realized it was a BAT. It was clearly stunned and flopping around a bit on the ground. It got it's act together and flew away in short order.

It's only fair to say that the bat was sure lucky, since having hit my ROCK HARD ABS must have been like hitting a BRICK WALL. HA HAHAHA ha hhaa ha. ha. Sorry.

That aside, I'm not sure what sign or portent one could ascribe to "got whacked by a bat, but we're both OK".

I did almost a full day at the new client today... It's starting to gel what sort of project this will be, and it still seems fun. Fortunately, they have found me an office that is a little closer to "the action" - actually right in the middle of the cardiology department, so I can be easily accessible... but still a room with a door, so I can have privacy (napping).

I believe I've blogged about CuteOverload in the past. Nothing but cuteness every single day. There's a geeky adjunct out there that I'm a huge fan of called I Can Has Cheezburger This exploits a strange subculture of "Lolcats", where they take cute pictures and add large "caption text" right on the picture. I share this with you not knowing why it exists, but that it is funny.... to me.

Oh, all three BrainReady books are now at Amazon, so people who are feeling all "consumery" might want to check them out. That's the update tonight.

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maman said...

Let's call it a chinese bat and say that good fortune upped and said "howdy".
I tried to watch "Idiocacy" but the dvd was badly scratched so I returned it. Maybe another time.
You are having a busy weekend and I will see you all tomorrow. However, I completely missed the fact that there were 2 invites and I will be among Isaacs many "there in spirit" well wishers on Sunday. I wrote Pam that I've picked up that invite and admired it so many times - you'd have thought I might have noticed there were 2. They were well fused.
Please, forgive me. It's time to honor Isaac's name and have a laugh.