Monday, August 25, 2008

All's Well

Pamela returned after midnight, and the house is whole again. Both kids have been buzzing with excited energy all day, happy to have her back. A few quotes for you:

1) Bella was crying on Saturday night, missing mommy. I asked her to think about how I go on trips too, but I always come back, so Mommy will be back too! She said: "Yes, but YOUR trips are for WORK, and SHE'S taking a trip for FUN! Why did she have to take a trip for FUN?"

2) The next night, as she was settling down she asked: "When we get a dog, will we send it to school?"
I clarified - you mean obedience school? Yes, because we'd definitely want the dog to learn life skills.
"Like Swimming? Do they teach dogs to swim in obedience school?"
No, I think dogs just know how to swim.
"Yeah, they just jump in and go. But I wouldn't want my dog to practice swimming in the ocean. Number one, if it gets tired, no dock! Number two, it could get eaten by sharks, or some other kind of fish. Nope, the ocean is no place for a dog to learn how to swim".

3) Isaac is back to calling me Daddy. I think the fact that Papa and Lilli call me Jimmy got him all wrapped up in the name, but now that we're back home, it's business as usual.

His language continues to develop: The other morning he was reaching for my alarm clock (every night is an adventure to find my clock, then make sure it's set to the right time, then make sure the alarm is set to the right time - the kid is a whiz at changing things!). Anyway, he was pointing at the clock and said "Daddy - I want to do Tick Tock": Excusing the use to To Do instead of To Have, that's a good sentence.

Up at the lake, I was walking to the cabin and Papa asked "Isaac, who is that?" He pointed and said "Oh, I know! It's a Daddy!" I love my clever children, yes I do.

Well, it's an early night for me, so signing off.

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