Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh my...

A quick update: Day 1.5 of Mom-Free Weekend went well: Isaac and I went to my workplace and charmed the coworkers. We followed that with a terrible lunch at Leeann Chin, but he liked the eggroll and rice. Sidebar: What happened to Leeann Chin? It was always bad, but in a sort of crave-able way. But at some point, they decided to pre-sauce the sesame chicken, and it became a goopy mess. Nuts to them.

Bella and Jenny played here for part of the AM, then went off to the pool with Grandma and Grandpa, then back here to play and chomp down on pizza for the afternoon. They've integrated Isaac into their playing, too, so I actually got a fair amount of work done today too!

But the Oh My is that Pamela woke up today in Vegas to find her back had popped out again: She got a massage, she laid around in the cabana all day, and she has taken pain killers, but this evening she was flat on her back, missing out on a steak dinner and a round of mayhem. POOR DEAR!!!! This is just too sad!

More updates as they happen....

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