Monday, August 04, 2008

The Instructor

So this morning, I "co-led" the Bodypump class: One of the club owners David was there, and we alternated tracks: I did Squats, Back, Biceps, Shoulders, and the cool-down. While I didn't do a whole lot of "extra" stuff (I stayed on the stage, I didn't go "correct" anyone's form, my banter was minimal), I was spot on with the cueing and I think there was only one little mistake (I called a 2upanddown, when it was really a 3up1down) which I corrected immediately.

It was really really fun to be doing it, but I also had to go down on my weights so that I could focus on the class, so my workout wasn't QUITE the same as usual. I got feedback from David - a bunch of relatively minor corrections, and the praise that he'd never seen a beginning instructor do so well on his first class.

And I haven't actually had the formal training, nor have I had access to the actual instructor materials for the class - I just picked it all up by being a class participant. So it's just crazy around here.

What else to report... My electromagnetic brain has killed yet another set of phones in our house. I don't know why, but phones only last 2 years in this house before the simply die in mysterious ways. I blame the Jimmyfield effect - I always get two fewer bars of cell reception than anyone else, and my phones die much faster than other people's. So I got some new phones today for almost-free:

Back in November I bought both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players, thinking that the "format war" might stretch on a while. Turns out Toshiba gave up in February and Blu-Ray is the winning format. In an effort to soothe the rage of those who picked the "wrong" format, Bestbuy (along with Amazon and others) gave out $50 gift cards to those of us who had bought HD-DVD players. So I used that "pity money" to get some new cool looking phones for the house. In the meantime, the old phones have decided to turn off their mics and refuse to work more than 6 feet from their base stations. They're just making things worse for themselves, I hope they know that.

Pamela came back from a "Mom's night out" a few minutes ago. No, it wasn't a bunch of ladies and mojitos. It was Pamela shopping all by herself - some well deserved alone time. I put the screaming herd to bed (whoo - they were in a STATE tonight), and she brought me a slice of cherry pie for my troubles. So now I'm going to tuck into that pie.

Then off to bed: 6am class starts early (6am actually). I'm not teaching tomorrow as far as I know: It's step, and I could probably do it (and offered to help if needed), but I think Allen (the usual instructor) will be back on the scene.

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