Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm finally a "real instructor" at my club, and taught my first FULL BodyPump this morning: I had been expecting to do maybe half the tracks (newbies "co-teach" to start), but instead my co-instructor let me lead it all and he worked the floor. I got the choreography for all 10 tracks right (with a couple of tiny hiccups), but wound up a bit more winded than expected: Talking for a full hour plus lifting weights... and I "forgot" to go down in weight, so I was trying to do it all with my standard workout weight. As a result, I'm a bit sore now, and my arms are all twitchy... But it was a GREAT way to start the day.

In other news, PapaBam are here for the week, and it's been great to have them around for the weekend. We had the neighborhood kids over for Isaac's big 2nd birthday yesterday (how on earth is he TWO already? Oh my goodness). He had a great time, as did the kids.

We're now almost 3 weeks without any bottles for Isaac, and he's sleeping through the night again - he still asks for them, but he makes it through without them. We discovered that he loves PF Chang Mongolian Beef (which we can get faster and cheaper at PeiWei by our house), so we've been stuffing that into him at every opportunity.

Bella was a great big sister all weekend, helping Isaac open presents and taking care of him: She rode a fine line between jealousy and supportiveness, which is hard even for some of us grown-ups to handle, so I'm very proud of her.

I'm in town all week, then a strange trip next week: 24 hours in Seattle, 24 hours in Boston. More on that as it develops.

That's the quick update.... More as life happens.

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