Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weary of the double cross

I watched "Lucky Number Sleven" as the family slept, and I probably should have just slept too. It's not that it wasn't a clever movie. Oh it was clever. And many strange characters running around. It was "wacky".

I think that I'm just exhausted with the double-triple-octuple-cross movie. They have such a familiar pattern: They give you everything in the first five minutes, then string you out for the rest of the movie by tactfully omitting key data from each scene until by the end, you say "oh, all those things related to that scene they showed me at the very beginning, so now it all makes sense".

Along the way, there's random violence, crazy throwaway lines, actors having fun in ridiculous outfits and overblown accents... And because we KNOW it's an octuple-cross movie, we're just waiting for the waiter who wandered into the scene randomly to hold the key to the mystery OR shoot someone.

Maybe I need to relax and enjoy things more... but I don't like being put in the position of thinking I need to outsmart a movie, and if I figure it out first, I win, otherwise the movie wins. Some people like Chris Nolan (The Prestige) make excellent puzzle movies, but the movie also has merit BEYOND the puzzle - it's the heart of the movie, not the spine. You can remove the mystery and still have a full structure to enjoy.

A movie like Sleven has the puzzle as it's skeleton, and once it's sussed, there's nothing holding the mass of skin and organs up and it's just a messy pile on the ground.

Not that I hated it... I just felt a bit tired of the whole scheme.

Night night!

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