Monday, June 02, 2008

Steps forward and back and then forward

Saturday was a great day: Isaac's swimming lesson went well as usual, then we got Bella all up and ready for her Soccer team pictures. It was a gorgeous day with a blue sky, and Bella was such a big girl with her soccer team... I got to feeling a bit OLD alas. But our Swedish Friends were there with their daughters (one of whom is on Bella's team) so I got to speak some Swedish, and they invited us along to an ice cream parlor. Bella had a big dish of chocolate peanut-butter-cup ice cream and had a huge grin... Then we got some supplies for the Victory Garden.

I mowed the lawn, and we worked more on the front and back gardens - it was a great day. Until the tornado sirens blew.

30 minutes later, a torrential hailstorm ripped through the neighborhood, leaving marble-sized hail everywhere, punching large holes in our rhubarb, decimating the hostas, and littering the yard with leaves and twigs ripped from the trees above. It was an absolutely WILD storm. As we surveyed the damage, we were lucky not to have lost any tree limbs (as others in the surrounding blocks had, nor did our cars suffer any hail damage that we could see... But Pamela, having worked so hard on her garden was quite dispirited and went to bed well before 9 of exhaustion.

The Avengers met Saturday evening to watch I Am Legend, which was an amazingly dark and brooding movie. Will Smith was incredible in his role as the last man on Earth. He was beautifully haunted throughout... I recommend at least the first 2/3 of the movie. The end became a bit of a "zombies ATTACK" sort of action thing, which was at odds with the tone of the first part... but it's worth it for the "bacon" scene...

Sunday we got an early start: Operation RECOVERY. By the end of the day, we had raked, swept, and repaired as best as we could... and we had put up the chickenwire fence around our garden (which will be more about "discouraging" the bunnies than actually stopping them I suspect), and it felt good to move forward on the project. By late afternoon, I was headed off to the airport for the conference described in the previous post...

As we walked around and cleaned up, Isaac was VERY DISTURBED: He didn't want to be far from either Mom or Dad... I think that the chaos in the yard was very disconcerting to a little guy who needs SOME stability on which to base all of his nuttiness. Poor little guy.

So it WAS a tough weekend, but we were very lucky to have had minimal destruction from the hail, and we were back on track by the end of the weekend, so while we didn't get too far AHEAD, at least we're not behind.

Time to get on that airplane now!

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