Monday, June 30, 2008

Mister Swagger

Poor little Isaac: One of his preferred timewasters (I mean "small motor skill development activities") is to stand on a chair and "wash dishes". He's very good at it, and has never had an issue, until Saturday, when he was Reeeeeaaaaaccchhhhing over to grab something on the counter that he probably shouldn't have been reaching for, and lost his balance and tumbled to the ground.

It was one of those "fwump" sounds, not a "whack" sound, he didn't hit his head, and he was immediately pissed off. After a few minutes of cuddles, he was back on the move and we thought little of it. Saturday night, he did wake up a few times just seeming a bit sad, however.

Sunday morning, we noticed that he was sporting a limp. A stylish swagger perhaps, but definitely one leg was being favored. We decided to take him to Children's: while he wasn't really complaining about the leg, the limp was quite pronounced.

At Children's, they did a wonderful job getting him checked out: He charmed the staff in Radiology to the point where they gave him a Mickey Mouse doll just for being fun. Isaac loved his "MOUSE!!!" In the final result, no fractures were found, so it's probably just a soft tissue issue that'll clear up in a few days.

Pamela and I noticed an interesting discrepancy: The doctor came in and said "if he is in pain give him Tylenol instead of Ibuprofen because bones heal by inflaming, and Ibuprofen inhibits inflamation. If he still limps in a week, bring him to your primary care physician."

5 minutes later we got his computer printed "discharge instructions" which the nurse went over with us. On the printout was the recommendation "if pain is evident, give Ibuprofen, and if limp persists for a week, return to Children's." So two pieces of completely contractory information. We're following the doctor's recommendation on this one.

Today he is still limping a bit, but it's really not slowing him down... and just to prove a point, he took a tumble off of another chair today. I get the feeling that the people at Children's are probably going to get to know him pretty well.

In the Bella File, two points of interest: We had some cousins come to visit on Thursday evening through Saturday AM: One of the cousins is Kiel, a blond nordic viking of 13 with a very sweet demeanor. And Bella went gaga for him. She wanted to know where Kiel was at all times. She wanted to be sitting with, on, on top of him at all times, and he was very game to wrassle with her, sending her to giggle heaven. Oh, it was a treat to watch Bella completely losing her mind in a crush... her "boyfriend" Tayden should watch out, I say.

The second Bella point: We were having dinner, and Pamela asked what Bella is most looking forward to in Kindergarten: The answer was "Learning how to write". What else is she looking forward to?

"Learning how to juggle".

Apparently that's in the curriculum of Kindergarten these days.

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