Saturday, July 07, 2007

On the beach...

I think that was the title of a book where there's been a nuclear holocaust and people in New Zealand are just waiting for the fallout clouds to come their direction... I could be wrong, but that's the image I'm looking for:

We sent Bella off to the Family Reunion on Thursday, and had been hearing amazing stories of her swimming, fishing, playing with cousins, having a great time. BUT... an unwelcome visitor came to the reunion: A particularly virulent strain of stomach flu has been pulling an "and then there were none" routine on everybody. Bella got it at midnight last night, and seems back on her feet this morning. It takes 2 at a time, makes their lives miserable for 8-12 hours, then gives them their lives back.

One branch of the family heard about this and wisely decided to cancel the trip (they were going Sat-Mon, the bug first hit Thursday Night)

And so we sit here in Minneapolis, wondering if our little daughter will be returned to us as a carrier of this virus, if we'll all wind up with it next week... we're preparing the buckets now.

Just a quick update - many things to do today AND I need to rest up for my big Golive at 3am Sunday AM. Whoo HOO!!

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maman said...

Story is sad. Hope that child feels better and that you are spared.
ON THE BEACH, a novel by Neville Shute. I made a book report on it Senior year in HS. You may not know this, but speaking terrified me as a young person. I was still shaking in my boots in high school when I stood up in English class and made a report on the book, which I had memorized - the report, that is (not the book).
The class was way ahead of me and had their tricks planned. A hand shot up. Paul Damrow (set to go to Annapolis in the fall, the bastard) asked "Is this book fiction?" I said "No". Class erupts into mayhem and laughter.