Sunday, July 08, 2007


5am and all is well. Not really - things got off to a rocky start here: A last minute change in upgrade procedures threw the techies for a loop and we didn't get to the "meat" of the upgrade until an hour had passed, eating up my contingency time. So we'll have to see if I get done in my window of opportunity. Now that it's running, maybe we'll make up some time, since the production system is so much more powerful than the test system we did our 3 dress rehearsals on.

Happily, the end-users seem pretty comfortable with the downtime: There have been no help desk calls.

We're either the first or second client ever to go up on this software release (one smaller hospital MAY have beat us to the punch by a couple of weeks), so this is pretty fingernail-biting. We did have some very good runthroughs, and there's no reason to expect a problem other than... well... problems happen.

I'll be heading out soon to get donuts for my developers who'll show up in an hour... though they'll probably be bored since we're behind schedule. All the more reason to make sure donuts are here. Tired cranky is better than tired cranky hungry.

I was going to bring in my espresso machine, but decided that while it's pretty easy to use, I'd have to be parked in the lunchroom with it, and I have more important things to be doing than being a Barista at 6am. So I made a few extra shots this AM to get me going... and my developers will just have to make due with regular coffee. (and truthfully, I believe I'm the only espresso-head in the bunch anyway!)

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