Sunday, July 01, 2007

Things to remember about the Kids

When she is humming idly during a project, almost always does "Jingle Bells" over and over again.

When she is pretending to be a big girl, her name is always "Annalise", and she's always 7 years old, with her birthday being either today or tomorrow.

When she's at the Arboretum, she's calm, focused, and happy from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave. We went again today, and she was a sight to behold.

She is still having some sharing and territory issues with her little brother.

Today he climbed the stairs. All of them up to the second floor without a pause. He then made a beeline to the toilet. He also walked a little today... just a few steps here and there. But he has the skill.

His new development was that today he started wrassling with his sister: She was dragging around a white comforter, which he decided he loved. He was diving down into it, and rolling around giggling. When Bella tried to establish territory on the blanket, he rolled over her, climbing over her, and teasing her. She got very frustrated, but he was having a great time.

He loves his big sister unconditionally.

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