Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh accursed human frailty!

So nobody's sick, it's a beautiful day, we even got a half decent night's sleep. Things were shaping up to be a good day. We had such plans: Gardening, me going to exercise, a BBQ in the evening...

Bella started with a "hunger strike", which fortunately I knew what she was holding out for: A cream cheese bagel from Brueggers. So I packed the kids in the stroller and we headed off... and took the long route home so that Pamela would have time to have a leisurely shower unperturbed by her mini shadow (who likes to help pick out EVERYTHING for mommy, from makeup to underwear to shoes).

Upon our return, I saw Pamela holding an ice bag around her finger... uh oh...

Turns out that while enthusiastically tucking the sheets into Isaac's crib, she pushed just wrong on her fingertip, and tore the tendon clean off. So now the end of her her middle finger of her right hand dangles limply. Sadly, this exact injury happened to Pamela's dad just last year - another tucking incident.

We were on our way up to the Emergency room when a brainstorm hit: There's a big orthopedic specialty clinic just up the street, and recently they put a big sign on their building advertising "Acute Injury Clinic" - an orthopedic urgent care! I pulled over, dialed 411, and got connected. Yes, they deal with EXACTLY the sort of injury Pamela has.

We got to the clinic, and it took only 5 minutes to get in to see a doctor, who had the exact treatment ready... this will take 6 weeks to recover, but should NOT require any surgery. Her finger has a stylish temporary splint, and she'll get the custom molded one on Monday. We were back home in less than an hour and a half - about the amount of time it would have taken to get REGISTERED at a regular Emergency Department, in my experience.

So now, I missed my exercise classes... and I'm doing all of the gardening while Pamela directs the work. She's got the pain, but I'm doing the projects. I'm writing this from the basement where I'm hiding, pretending to "look for something". If you get this, PLEASE SEND HELP. There's only so much beer down here.

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maman said...

Writing from the bait and tackle shop of the famed Edgewater Hotel in Madison, WI where you rent your gear, go back to your room, open the window, cast out and hope to land a few mud sharks to take down to the dining room to grill up for you. Frank Zappa wrote a song about this. We are familiar with human frailty, it wouldn't be much of a storied world without said frailty. Making beds can be hazardous to your health. One friend fell between the mattress and the frame while flipping the mattress and wondered if her family would find her there, feet sticking out like the wicked witch, someday.... Nope, it was a terrible way to go, so she eventually wiggled out and got on with life. Good problem solving on your part - that acute care is great to know about. Really writing from home. But the rest of this comment is true. Take care.